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The process of addiction and behaviors need to be fixed during this time also because the addict cannot go back to the same people, places, and things. Being submerged in the exact same environment where the addict abused drugs or alcohol is very dangerous. With high relapse rates after completing a rehab stay, it is important for a recovering addict to utilize the new coping skills and new ways of living. It is important to avoid pressure situations, but equally important to steer clear of people making bad choices. The number one focus should be to stay clean and sober.

Narcotics Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous are always suggested as well. Going to these meetings and functions will help the addict stay accountable and help form a sense of belonging within the community of recovering addicts. Sharing thoughts and listening to other people in this Anonymous ‘safe space’ environment is vital to recovery. Sometimes just being around similar minded people can help or hinder you, so in a meeting at least the gathering is focused on recovery. It’s hard to find out where you can buy synthetic urine. Purchasing the best synthetic urine is easy if you know where to look. Another important thing to do at these meetings is to find a sponsor. A sponsor is an individual who is in recovery that an addict can call or contact when they feel like they might relapse. The sponsor can help the recovering addict make good decisions or at the very least talk them through and hopefully away from using. There are an AA and NA saying “One day at a time” and “one minute at a time.” The saying is not to use or drink for that day, because the anxious feelings may pass by the next day (and probably will). If it gets too hard to sustain, then ‘one minute at a time’ is the next mantra to sustain from using.   

There are quite a few drug test procedures, but there are four main types. There are urine tests, mouth swab saliva tests, blood tests, and hair strand tests. Urine tests are the most common for jobs, and they can detect all categories of drugs. There are different types that solely detect cannabis, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, or PCP. Urine tests are the least expensive which is why they are so widely used. But urine tests are only 100 percent reliable if it is done with a witness. A urine sample is collected in a specimen cup and require about 45 mL of liquid to be accurate. In urine tests, the drugs themselves are not detected, but the metabolites are detected. This is what makes urine drug tests different from saliva or blood tests.

The drugs ingested are broken down into the body and turned into metabolites. The metabolites are stored in the fatty tissue within the body and are expelled through urine. Depending on how much fatty tissue a drug user has in the body, it majorly affects the detection window for drugs. The more fat, the lower the metabolism, and the lower the activity level, these factors can make the detection window longer for the drugs to be detected. Since urine tests can detect after the drugs are broken down into metabolites, it has a longer window than blood tests. Although these tests can detect within a long window after drug use, it does not have the capability of detecting the number of drugs in the body like other tests. Marijuana or THC for a single use can be detected within a 3 days window. Daily use of THC can be detected up to 30 days. Cocaine has a 3-5 day detection window.

Heroin/opiates have a 3-5 day detection window. Methamphetamine has a 3-day window, and Benzodiazepines have a 3 to a 7-day window, depending on the kind. There are some brands like Xanax that takes 4 days, but Valium can take 7-10 days to be eliminated. Of course, there are factors that make these figures vary like weight, tolerance, metabolism, food consumption, and exercise. Addiction or tolerance to a drug can make the window duration much longer for that detection. 

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